Marine Imaging

Workshop 2024

Illuminating the Ocean

October 7-10, 2024

Monterey, California

Image: MBARI's Bioinspiration Lab


Marine Imaging Workshop

Marine imaging is a major method in the science, policy and public understanding of the world's oceans. The topic is developing rapidly, driven by the technological evolution and increasing application of marine imaging in all oceans. Images of all types are used to explore unseen ocean habitats, to motivate designation of marine conservation areas, for assessing environmental baselines and monitoring of human impacts and to communicate ocean narratives. [...]



JUN 3, 2024
Abstract deadline Abstract Submission
JUL 1, 2024
Registration deadline
JUL 8, 2024
Student assistance request deadline Student Assistance Request
JUL 24, 2024
Scientific Program Finalized
OCT 7-10, 2024
Marine Imaging Workshop


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Latest News

JAN 24, 2024
Abstract Submission is now open.
JAN 24, 2024
Applications for student assistance is now open.
SEP 25, 2023
MIW signed with the Monterey Convention Center for the October 2024 meeting.
SEP 15, 2023
The MIW meeting has been funded by OES


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